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From the Book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani"
By His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)

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                                  Chapter 01 - "The Four Destructive Women"
                                  Chapter 04 - "The Four False Gurus"
                                  Chapter 12 - "The Four Kinds of Men"
                                  Chapter 13 - "The Four Ways of Worship"
                                  Chapter 14 - "The Four Stages of Spiritual Development"
                                  Chapter 15 - "The Four Kinds of Charity"
                                  Chapter 16 - "The Four Different Types of Swamis" 

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"The Introduction- to "Review of Related Chapters" 

Bawa. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  

Bawa.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon all of My Children.  May God help all of My Children.  May God be pleased with all of My Children.

Bawa.  My love you (anbu), My dearest loving Grand Children, My Son and Daugthters, My Brothers and Sisters (Ral.), and all of My dearest loving Children 
(Ral.) - Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.).

Bawa.  My Love You My Dearest Loving Children.  Only God can help any of us, and that is for sure.  And this beautiful book of wisdom, "The Pearl of Wisdom" is a wonderful Gift of God to help you begin to Understand "The Nature of True Man", by you First becoming "false man", and Now by you Starting to Understand "false man", by you Now Starting to Understand what you have Now Become, in your ignorance, and Now in your arrogance about your ignorance, all of which is the "current state and life and form" of all of My Children, if you like, that is, if you truly accept this "Pearl of Wisdom", which in truth is hidden within all of My Children, as Now both the "Presence of God" and the "Word of God" made flesh for your age and for your life.

Bawa.  In this way, Chapters 16, along with the 6 Chapters leading up to Chapter 16, that is, Chapters 01, 04, 12, 13, 14, and 15, provides you with 7 Different Perspectives on the Great Contrast between "True Man" and "false man", both of which are within each of My Children, offering each of My Children, if you like, the opportunity to make the Great Transition from "false man" to "True Man" in your own lifetime, that is, before you die to the flesh, that is, before the illusory "outside" of you is over, and you become truly stuck with "false man", and the consequences of "false man", for the rest of your life, both Here, and then for Eternity.

Bawa.  So, Now let "Us" briefly review each of "The 7 Different Perspectives" about the difference, or "The Contrast", between "True Man" and "false man", Starting with Chapter 01.  Amen. Ok?

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Review of Related Chapters  - to Chapter 16

1.  Chapter 01 - "The Four False Womenor "Signs of Spiritual
       Significanceor "The Four Destructive Women"


O Guru Swami, what is the world? Explain it to me. 


O my eyes, the world is folly. It is a woman called Desire. That is the earth world. 

Everything appearing on earth is maya (illusion). Woman are the four religions. Religious scriptures are the attachments of all creations. Gold is a creator of mischief. 

There are seventy three groups mixed with all human lives, entering the nerve, the skin, and the flesh, as four kinds of destructive woman. 


Swami, Master Guru, teach me in detail the four kinds of woman. There is a great desire ceaselessly springing forth in me to marry one of these woman


O dear son, what is referred to as the four religions are divided into several races and religions. Race denotes an evil character. Religion is arrogance. These two have divided themselves into four faiths. They appear as four woman. 

The first is Manaiyal (the one who looks after the home). 
The second is Manaiyaddi (the one who shakes up the home). 
The third is Thadiyaddi (the one who causes the stick to be brandished). 
The fourth is Thandaddi (the one who causes the club to be brandished). 


O Guru Swami, which is these is good? 

The First Type of Wife - the earth sign 


Listen. I shall tell you. You ask me which is good and which is evil. 

Earth, Fire, Air, and Water intermingled to form the shape of a ball. The earth is the first sign, Manaiyal (the one who looks after the home). She has the characteristics of the earth. She is the best among these four types of woman. 


What are her actions? 


Dear son, listen to her work. 

          Forgetful of the world, 
          Absorbing the truth within her, 
          Discerning clearly good from evil, 
          Always on the good path. 

          Singing without words, 
          The praise of the unsearchable thing, 
          Tasting the clear unquenchable nectar, 
          Unhesitatingly absorbing (it) within her heart. 

          Making compassion her home each day, 
          Keeping noble deeds as her life, 
          Lighting the lamp of chastity, 
          Performing many a duty. 

          Fixing up untold images with clarity, 
          Accepting the Guru and his grace as divine, 
          Placing her body, wealth, and life 
          As a slave at the feet of her husband. 

          Conscious of her three duties, 
          Of noble deeds, wealth, and offer of bliss, 
          She shines praising her husband's feet. 

The Second Type of Wife - the fire sign 

The second type of wife is Manaiyaddi (the one who shakes up the home). She is the sign of fire and is evil- charactered. She cannot discriminate between right and wrong. She has no awareness of excreta and urine. 

She burns each and everything within sight and reduces them into ash. She melts the rock, burns intelligence, breaks the mind, agitates the heart, burns character, brings turmoil into the family, tortures the analytical wisdom, and torches the earth. 

She makes it appear as truth all the ideas that enter into her mind, whether true or false. Full of self-aggrandizement, she questions covertly, 

"Who is better than I? 

This is the type of wife of the fire sign called Manaiyaddi. She behaves in various other ways to hurt the feelings of her husband. She torments him and eventually destroys him. She has yet more characteristics. 

It is this type of many charactered wife who is called Manaiyaddi. Do you here my dear disciple, gem of my eyes? 

The Third Type of Wife - the air sign 

The third type of wife is Thadiyaddi (the one who causes the stick to be brandished). She has the character of the air. She flies like the wind. 

She winks the eyes, enters all possible places, ruins the heart, causes the breath to be withheld, holds the urine, blocks the urinary passage, causes the abdomen to distend, numbs the brain, breaks the mountain, destroys the forest, makes the sea rise, breaks the house, dashes the ships, hurts the mind, diminishes judgment, stirs up the world, tests the strength, accumulates sins, and distances God. 

She alters fate, destroys destiny, misleads man, breaks his head and puts him to death. 

This is done by the wife with the air sign called Thadiyaddi. She looks wherever she wants to look, goes wherever she wants to go, winks whenever she wants to wink, walks whenever she wants to walk, lies down whenever she wants to lie, controls whom she can control, ruins whatever she can ruin, aims wherever she can aim, sleeps wherever she can sleep, laughs whenever she can laugh, hides wherever she can hide, wanders wherever she can wander, snatches whatever she can snatch, and sends her husband's life to the other world. 

So does, Thadiyaddi, the wife with the Air sign. There are yet many more traits in this third type of wife .

The Fourth Type of Wife - the water sign 

The fourth type of wife of the Water sign called Thandaddi (the one who causes the club to be brandished) runs over the hills and lies on valleys. 

She is bound where she should be bounded, lies where she should lie, runs where she should run, rolls where she should roll, scatters where she should scatter, controls herself where she should be controlled, gets infested with worms where she should be infested, gives an offensive odor from where such odor should emanate, leaps where she should leap, and goes wherever she has to go. 

This is the wife of the fourth type, of the Water sign called Thandaddi. 

Did you see the mischief of these types of wives, my son, gem of my eyes? 

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2.  Chapter 04 - "The Four False Gurus"


Swami, O Guru, who is good and who is bad among these gurus?  What respective work do they perform?  Please explain it to me. 


Son, I shall tell you its subtlety. 

The Mahagnanis - The Gurus of The Four Religions 

It is said that one among these gurus is the Asura Guru (the teacher or the preceptor of the Asuras-Sukran). One is the Guru of Lust. Another is the Guru of Intoxication, and yet another is the Gnana Guru (the guru of wisdom). They symbolize the four religions. 

These four gurus join together and silence the truth, make god of stones, turn duty into ashes, elevate pride, falsify patience, turn sakthi (power) into ash, ruin moksha 
(salvation), turn race a source of pride, make religion a precious stone. 

(They join together and) exalt the family, destroy the saints, ridicule the elders, turn 
gnanam (greater wisdom) into a jackal, treat worldliness as life, and make the "Ultimate One" the fisherman's basket for catching fish. 

They convert affection to friendship, and consider the weak objects strong. They lack intelligence and are unmindful of discrimination. Forgetful of the day and night, forgetful of birth and death, they focus both eyes inside the genital organs, ignorant of its meaning. 

They open their eyes and gaze. They look and look, blink and blink, and laugh and play. Not sending their senses on the right path, they enter into this net, and show continuous affection. 

They commit these acts in order to develop the body with the one-span stomach. They burn religion and philosophy into ash to further their ends. Further, in order to look after their wives and children, they follow the paths chosen by them, thinking that they have acquired the required knowledge. 

Inspired by selfish motives, they think that whatever they consider is the great religion. They divide the race, ruin the mind, torment life, and forget the One, the Almighty. 

Dividing them into several forms, naming them with the names and forms of various gods, they commit sins, discerpt the analytical wisdom, and forget the All-Pervading One! 

They mesmerize the world, silence true wisdom, give life to the physical sciences, and consider the false science as the truth, saying, 

"What I say is supreme. Look here. He is my god" 

So saying, they show the darkness. 

They also say, 

       "There is no One God here. All what you say is false. Your religion is
       false.  You are also false. Your god is false. What I say is the truth. My
       religion is the exalted one. My race is the best. All else is false. Look at
       this earth." 

So they argue, saying what comes to their tongue, and moving around with falsity. They live as the great reverential gurus, accepting as their own, their stomachs, their lives, and their children, in order to protect them. 

They praise their own virtues. Even the great learned gurus and mystics so transform themselves. This is their fate. 

"One crore earns through work. 
Seven crores eat through deceit"

This is how the saying goes. These tactics are the examples of deceitful living. Those who are enamoured by this world are the so-called mahagnanis (great learned men).

The Path of The "One True Guru" - submission and surrender to the "Will of Allah"

O son, believing in God, man must surrender his character to Him. The man who exists with a compassionate heart, born as man, living as man, residing as man, realizing the night and the day, knowing death and birth, will not be caught in the net of these gurus. 

Did you listen, my disciples, the gems of my eyes?  Did you listen to the novelties of the so-called gurus of the four religions? 

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3.  Chapter 12 - "Who Is A True Human?" or "The Four Kinds of Men"


O Glorious Guru, how is one to live as a human?  What are the duties of man?  Teach me these, My Glorious Guru.


Listen, Child.  It is rare to be born as a man. It is rarer still to be born a man who is not lame, blind, or deaf.  It is even rarer to be born a king among men.  It is rarer still to be born as a "human".

To grow as human, to live as human, to believe and trust in the Inestimable God, to forget the body, wealth, and life, and to be come a Gnani, whose trust is exclusively in God and in God alone, is very, very rare indeed.

However, in the nature of things, a man so born has to perform good deeds on the earth.  All evil must be torn away.  Theft, murder, lust, abuse of the Guru, and falsehood, must be dispelled.  Deceit must be removed.  Charity must be given high priority.  Evil thoughts must be banished.  Gratitude must be well performed.  Temper must be destroyed.  Duty must be fulfilled truthfully. Theft and killing must be discarded. 

Senseless ideas must be plucked out.  You must forget gossip and backbiting.  You must love all other lives as your own.  You must not deviate from truth, patience, tranquility, calmness, duty and justice.  You must shower compassion on every living thing created by God.

Man shines as a being who occupies an exalted postion over all other lives.  Such a dignified human - a God on earth, must not harm any other being, but perform charitable acts.  

All beings are drawn in affection towards a man who is thus endowed with charity and filled with many other human traits.  In consequence, God bestows on him His Compassion.  The eighty four million (84,000,000) lives, starting with the fly and the ant will shower their affection on him.

The man who follows this path and lives an exalted life is the True Human.  Even if this is not done, but he refrains from harming any being, this in itself is said to be a Great Act.

Know this well and know thy ownself.  You must realize the truth and look at all things with compassion, Disciples, Gems of My Eyes.


Swami, we shall try to know all this and behave accordingly.

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4.  Chapter 13 -"The Four Ways of Worship"


Swami, the elders speak of several gods and worship them uttering many things?  Is that a good path?  Is that a good path or is it bad?  Teach us, O Revered Guru.


Children, Gems of My Eyes, Listen.  I shall tell you.

Worship is the most "Supreme Form" of a "Sacret Act",  It is very, very rare indeed for anyone to achieve this.

Worship has somehow been divided into "Four Categories".  Prayer has been deviated from the "One Path".

Each "Form of Worship" has been divided into "Four Stages".  I shall describe them to you. Listen.

1)  The First Person worships because others worship.
2)  The Second Person worships for show.  He prides himself carrying beads, rolls them in his hands and exhibits his worship.
3)  The Third Person worships for his stomach.  It is a selfish device to develop his body on the pretense of worshipping God.  He roams here and there, winks his eyes and disturbs the mind of others, and snatches away their rights.

4)  The Fourth Person melts the inner heart, dispels falsehood, destroys the eye of Maya (torpor or fascination), meets ideas point with point, right with right, makes friends with the heart, and believes that the "Only One" is the "Dependable Trustworthy One".

The First Three Types of Persons forget the "True Nature" of man, and indulge in a form of worship that is tricky, wrongful, and materialistic.  

In such a situation, 

"Where is Grace?
Where has Man's Character Flown Away?
Where Is He?

They say, 

"We have cooked eighteen dishes of high quality"

And imagine and convince themselves it is so, while they eat the saltless and tasteless food.

The most exalted of these "Four Types of Persons" is the "Fourth Person" who is well clarified and knowledgeable.  His heart is full of "Happiness and Light" and overflows with kindness.

He does not meander from the path.  He raises his hands in "True Worship" night and day, and day and night, with every breath, with every word and every right feeling in his heart.

His intention does not meander here and there.  He raises his hands in "True Faith" with a melting heart.  He dispels deception, and his whole body vibrates with continuous worship.  He is the One whose conduct is the most excellent among these four groups.  

He will escape Manthras (magical words related to the elemental spirits of Creation, of earth, water, fire, air, and ether).  He will not be trapped by praise or pleasure.  He will not be caught by the "evil eye" or by display or show.

He awaits with great expectation, day by day, for "Clarity" and for the "Perfect Guru".  He performs his duty fully and awaits the blessings for his dutiful service.  Do you see, Gems of My Eyes?

Do you see the difference between the worship of the person whom I have just described on the one hand and the others, that is, between "True Man" and "false man"?.  Clarify yourself, and be submissive to the "True Guru".


Swami, I have a certain doubt.  I shall tell it to you.  Please explain.

Is it wrong to establish places of worship in various places, such as the Temple (kovil), and the Church and the Mosque, and display certain signs, symbols and words?

Swami, O Revered Guru, tell me the significance of this.


Dear Son, let me tell you.  Did you not Understand?  Nevertheless, I shall explain it to you.  Listen.

Divisions like the Temple (kovil) and the Church and the Mosque should exist.  The world must also appreciate their existence.  But "The Motionless One", who is beyond all comprehension or knowledge cannot be loved through these "Places of worship".  I shall tell you more. Listen.

Does an embryo formed within the womb 
know its mother and father?

No it does not.  Like wise, coming into the world it becomes necessary to,

Enlarge One's Knowledge,
Analyze, and Discriminate

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5.  Chapter 14 - "The Four Stages" of "Spiritual Development"


One man speaks of Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yogam, and Gnanam.  Another speaks of Shariat, Thareekat, Haqeekat, and Maharifat.  They have many meanings.  I shall mention some of them.

A babe in the mother's womb does not know its parents.  Does it know, as it is born into the world?  No, it does not.  Likewise, the babe does not know the good and the bad.

This Knowing the "Good and the Bad" of your life is the Journey of "True Man", that is, the Journey of joining in Partnership with God , First on the "outside" of you and then within you, to discover "The Difference" between the "Good" and the "Bad" within your own life, then to Embrace the "Good" within you and to Reject the "Bad" within you, and in this way, and Only in this way, to "Become The Good" within you, for the benefit of all of the Creation of God, within God withn you, and for a little while on the "outside" of you, for the benefit of your brothers and sisters, as this child has Now learned to do.

Not to mistakenly keep dividing the illusory "outside" of yourself into some "good" and "bad", a division of "good and bad" thatOnly fits some false and changing understanding of yourself, all of which is "Just Not True".

That is, that fits some false understanding of "Who you are", and "Where you are", and "What is happening" in your life, all of which in truth is Now you living as "a person" as the "false fellowship" on the illusory "outside" of yourself, a life of "separation and differences", of selfishness, of sin, as if you are "separate from" God within you, as if you are "separate from" your brothers and sisters, and as if you are "separate from" the Creation of God, within God within you, all of which is "Just Not True".

The Four Stages of Spiritual Development:

1)  Shariat 

This (Shariat) is the first grade. Before a child attains (Spiritual) puberty.  She goes about freely everywhere. She visits the homes of her friends, relatives, and others and talks without reserve (or restraint). This is similar to the period I spoke of as the kindergarten lesson. The inner meaning of this stage is what is referred to as Shariat."

2)  Thareekat 

The next stage (of Thareekat or the Eligible Virgin) is when the child avoids the aforesaid actions, discards the games played here and there, controls her smiles, protects her chastity (self-respect), and becomes an adolescent virgin with the physical characteristics of a grown-up. She stays at home. She know the difference between father and mother, and involves herself with their problems. She enjoys herself in the home. This is the stage comparable to Kiriyai (in the Hindi tradition, or 
Thareekat in the Islamic tradition).

3)  Haqeekat

The next is Yoga (or Haqeekat), when a married groom and bride are in a blissful state of dance and laughter.  They laugh when they should laugh and kiss when they should kiss.  The bride begins to play with her husband without shyness and without reserve.  The bride and the groom enjoy themselves

4)  Maharifat

Gnanam (or Maharifat) is the fourth stage (of Spiritual Development), stripped of all that was said earlier, unmindful of everything else and determining God is the One and the Only One, embracing Him within You.

It is using that Luster, to breathe and spread the Light of Luminosity, to make It germinate without root, seed or fruit, to flower without a creeper, to bear fruits without flowers, to close both eyes and destroy and discard all illusory thoughts in the mind, to praise the One and the Only One, to elevate confidence, to make the twenty one thousand six hundred and twenty one (21,621) breaths, to say, 

"There is none other than Allah. Only Allah exists"

To breathe with certitude and establish the art of Kalai of the Sun and the Moon, is 
gnanam, or the Eyes of Grace of the wisdom of the Gnostic eye.

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6.  Chapter 15 - "Charity" or "The Meaning of False & True Charity" or "The Four Kinds of Charity"

Today Charity is being classified as follows:

The Meaning of "False Charity"

1)  Charity is performed to exhibit it to the world.
2)  Charity is for self-acquirement, for one's own name, fame, glory, and title
3)  Charity is performed with a melting heart of tranquillity and compassion, saying, 

"O God,
I have nothing in my hand.  
O Compassionate One, 
Gem of My Eye, O God, 
Protect me!"

       Charity is fetching water in a brass vessel with eyes of compassion, smiling
       teeth, a face blooming like the white lotus flower and resonating with the words
       of grace to offer this water of Dharma, which at a draught will appease the body
       and mind.

       Charity is to worship the Incomparable One and to glorify Him with both
       hands raised, or sometimes reclining and performing the ritual prayer.  This is
       the True Dharma.

The Meaning of "True Charity"


Swami, then what is True Charity?  What is that which They Give.  Please teach this to me in detail.


Listen, I shall tell you the subtlety of this.

God created Man.  He created the totality of all other Creations for Man.  God created the earth.  In the earth, He created gold.  In the earth filled with gold, He created the nine varieties of precious stones.  He created the brilliant (stones).  He created every variety of gems of priceless value.

He created the sea, He created numerous things.  He opened up places whose value is beyond comprehension.  He created the mountains.  Inside the mountains, He created innumerable gems and He kept them there. 

The forest, the mountain, the hill, the river, gold, property, the body, the life-force, the house, the threshold, the cattle, the calf, the storied-house, the Arsh (Throne of Allah), the Kursi (Eye of Wisdom), Louhill and Mouhill (Divine Tablets), Kalam (pen), paradise, hell, and the fourteen worlds, all belong to the Immovable Graceful One.

The Enlightened Ones burst into laughter if we offer something as Charity, because what right have we to claim anything, when man's life and body belong to Him?

These True Mystics realize that God is the Only Wealth, and the Possessor of the "One Thing".  Those Soulful, Blissful, True Mystics keep Their Eyes Open day and night and weep in ecstasy.  They are absorbed in Him.  They are merged with Him.

This is the fourth type of Charitable State. 

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7.  Chapter 16 - "The Different Types of Swamis" or "The Three False Swamis" and the "One True Swami" or "The Four Kinds of Swamis"

The Three "False Swamis"

First there is the Swami who travels the earth, saying, 

"O God, you are my Savior!"  

He is the Swami who had lived a happy married life enjoying the worldly pleasures till adversity brought him poverty, harassment, and difficulties.  Harmed by his wife and children and despised by the world, he roams the forest and wonders in the desert

Second, there is another Swami who had lived a life of prosperity, had ruled many countries, had amassed great wealth, had traveled widely with wife and children, seen many things, heard of many things, consumed intoxicants and enjoyed life till he had lost all his possessions and incurred heavy losses.

Now, discarded by his wife and children, and also by his relatives and other people, he has none to inquire after him and look after him.  There is a saying,

"If a rich are ruined 
They will not belong even to a dry pot"

So with a distorted mind and forgetful of the earth, he directs his mind the other way to ask,

"Is this the world?  
Is this how the end will be?

He beats his head and seeks refuge in the Primal One, saying, 

"The world is false.
This birth is false.
My God is the Only True One"

So lamenting, he carries a bowl in his hand and becomes the Swami who begs for food.

And Then there is the Third False Swami.

"This is no birth for me", says the third type of Swami.  He wonders with no self-awareness, delusioned by the great earth, fascinated, mesmerized and blinded by the supposed greatness of the earth.

He boasts of his disbelief in death.  He shows kindness to his parents but causes evil to his neighbors and misery to the poor, saying, 

"Who is equal to me!"

He charges interest, lives a frugal life, loiters about in a foolish manner, and lives a life like the useless poisonous tree.  He is a miserable sinner possessing treachery and witchcraft.  He fraudulently amasses wealth and buries it under the earth.  He is forgetful of Charity and offers no help to brothers, sisters, children and others.  He neither eats adequately nor clothes himself properly.

Such a miser will leave his body and enter the torturous hell.  The miser's relatives and people are displaced and his begotten son fearfully carries a begging bowl, loiters here and there, wandering about pleading for alms and searches for resting places in cemeteries and other places.

He recollects the lives of his parents and past generations while spending his days in lazy existence, helping himself to the morsels of food for which he sings daily.  He is unmindful of day or night.  

With disheveled appearance and unaware of the way of life, he becomes lazy, eats like the cattle thinking it is the best way to live and the best approach to attain the achievable.  He eats what he gets to develop his body.  He performs the ritualistic and ceremonial prayers, having eaten like a bull.

He voices the "O" sound and the "Ah" sound of the "Onkaram" as authority.  He thinks that within the raw mango is sourness, within the coconut is the kernel, within the stomach are the intestines, and inside the paddy is the grain.

"Is this not all true?" says the Swami.

       "The darkness of ignorance can dispel sorrow and change it into a state of 
       happiness and cause the eye to resplend.  It is surely the night. Dawn will be 
       the day".  

       "All what I said is reasonable, isn't it?  Tomorrow will be a happy day if you
        realize it.  It is sorrowful to develop the destructive body.  What I said was 
       about earthly happiness".

       "On this earth there are many more pleasant Swamis".  

So saying he ends his sermon.

What shall I say about the characteristics of this third type of Swami?  Son, I have related to you the special features of the three types of "False Swamis".  

The One "True Swamis"

Please Click HERE to go to the Next Chapter, Chapter 17, to Start to read a description about the characteristics of the fourth type of Swami, that is, about the One "True Swami" of "Truth" hidden within the Three False Swamis of "Falsehood", that is, the Swami who is hidden within each of My Children, if you like, like the apple tree and its fruits is hidden within the apple seed, if the apple seed likes, for like all people, not all apple seeds germinate to "their truth", some reject "their truth" and fail to geminate, only to rot and eventually die in the earth, taking on 105 million rebirths, but never again as an apple seed, never again as the "Story of the Tree", which is the Story of the "Oneness of the apple seed, the apple tree, and the apple fruit", a Story that the apple seed came to the earth, to join as "One with" the earth, to tell. 

"The End" 
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"The Different Types of Swamis"
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